Rattan Keswani

Ask Mr. K

Deep insights into Hospitality


Leadership learnings from hospitality and its unsung heroes

Hospitality industry stalwart Mr. Rattan Keswani in conversation with Vir Sanghvi, award-winning anchor and TV presenter.

Talking about his first book Check-In Never Check Out, he delved into his illustrious 40-year journey in the industry, shared anecdotes on leadership, learnings across all segments of the sector and much more.

Why Ask Mr. K ?

Rattan Keswani didn't just witness hospitality trends; he time-travelled through them! With over three decades of experience, he's practically the Gandalf of hotel management.

Imagine a maestro orchestrating a symphony in the world of hotels. Mr. Ki's visionary leadership turned Trident Hotels into a paragon of hospitality brilliance. It's not just a spot to rest your head; it's an immersive odyssey!

Mr. K's hospitality passport is adorned with stamps from Sheraton, Intercontinental, and more. He's the James Bond of hoteliers, making the world his playground in the industry.

Beyond managing hotels,Mr. K is the Yoda of inspiration. His mentoring style isn't just leadership; it's the Jedi way of igniting passion and excellence in the hospitality force.

Mr. Keswani doesn't just talk the talk; he walks the walk with a generous twist. Some of the moolah from his book sales dances its way to Muskaan PAEPID, proving that making a difference is an essential part of his hospitality symphony