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How I Handled the 26/11 Mumbai Attacks? The Man Who Checked in and Never Checked Out- Author of Check In and Never Check Out - Rattan Keshwani

Delve into the captivating world of hospitality with our podcast episode featuring the esteemed author of 'Check-In, Never Check Out,' Mr. Rattan Keswani. This book offers an intimate glimpse into his extraordinary life, showcasing the highs and lows of a luminary in the hospitality industry.

A Guide to Leaders of Every Industry" - Rattan Keswani

Check In, Never Check Out" offers a glimpse into Rattan Keswani's remarkable journey in the hospitality industry, as shared in conversation with Aabir Lahiry on ABP Live Podcasts. Keswani discusses how the book serves as a valuable guide for leaders across industries, offering insights drawn from his own experiences.

Conversations With Rattan Keswani: A Legacy Explored

Rattan Keswani, hospitality veteran and former Deputy MD of Lemon Tree Hotels, shares management insights with Aabha Bakaya on BTTV. He discusses effective team-building, customer-centricity, and adapting to generational shifts. Keswani, now an independent consultant, also talks about his book's proceeds supporting MUSKAAN PAEPID, an NGO aiding differently-abled individuals. Don't miss this podcast for valuable hospitality wisdom!

Inside the Mind of Rattan Keswani | The Hospitality Podcast

An enriching conversation with Rattan Keswani as he shares his journey from Oberoi to Lemon Tree Hotels. Gain valuable insights on leadership and hospitality. Don't miss out! Subscribe and watch now for an inspiring episode.


In Mr. Rattan Keswani’s world, no event escapes the touch of his hospitality magic. From hosting brainy bashes like GHC to rocking #ETTravelTourism Conclave, he doesn’t just attend or host events; he transforms them into unforgettable experiences. Stay tuned for updates on his activities; he’s the hospitality superhero making every event a Keswani celebration!