Rattan Keswani

Food and beverage direction and thought leadership

A deep dive into the dynamic world of food and beverage direction with us. Explore the latest trends, tastes, and preferences shaping the culinary landscape in your area. From innovative menu concepts to sustainable sourcing practices, get expert insights and practical strategies to help you stay ahead in the competitive F&B space.

Sales and Marketing

Debunk the myths surrounding sales and marketing, along with practical insights and strategies to empower you in these dynamic fields.
- Processes and design
- Evaluation and Budgeting
- Marketing: branding architectures, brand compass, artworks and messaging, along with segmentation of customer types(archetypal and new)

HR practices and compensation planning

Human resources management has been made complex by consultants and isn't subcontinent specific. Due to our varied cultural and educational structure (which vary demographically), a need analysis is important. Don’t follow a cookie cutter approach. We can simplify it and make it relevant if there is a need to tailor make your own.

Provision of invaluable insights in hiring, training, and retaining top talent. Discover innovative approaches to compensation planning, ensuring fairness, competitiveness, and alignment with organizational goals. From navigating legal compliance to fostering a culture of inclusivity and employee engagement, learn the tools and knowledge needed to optimize your HR strategies.

Consulting and advisory projects

Browse the intricate process of enhancing hospitality brand searches, uncover strategies to amplify your brand's visibility and resonance. Dive deep into comprehensive feasibility assessments, gaining insights into the critical factors that determine success in the industry. Engage in thought-provoking discussions with industry experts, as we navigate the evolving landscape of hospitality together.

Training processes

Discover the intricacies of designing effective training programs tailored to the unique needs of different roles within organizations. From entry-level positions to executive leadership roles, explore best practices for onboarding, skills development, and ongoing education. Whether you're in sales, marketing, finance, or operations, learn about the actionable insights to enhance your professional growth and performance.


Break the myths and unlock the true potential of performance coaching, feedback systems, and internal development plans. Explore the nuances of performance coaching, from setting clear goals to providing constructive feedback that fosters continuous improvement. Tune in for actionable strategies to enhance performance, drive growth, and foster a culture of success.


Understand the realm of building design aesthetics, we offer insightful architectural evaluations and property improvement plans within the context of building codes. Delve into practical aspects of property improvement, considering factors such as safety, accessibility, and sustainability, all while adhering to local communities and needs. Tune in for expert advice and inspiration to transform your architectural endeavours


Familiarise yourselves with the intricacies of interior design, discussing principles, trends, and innovative solutions. Discuss the importance of signage in enhancing user experience and brand identity, with us. We provide tips for effective implementation relevant for children and senior citizens which is often missed.

Facility planning and Security Protocols

Explore the critical aspects of facility planning, focusing on back-of-house designs and access while integrating essential security concepts for robust controls. From optimizing workflow to ensuring safety and security, discuss best practices and innovative solutions for designing the backbone of your facility. Get expert advice on integration of security measures seamlessly into the design, providing insights into access control systems, surveillance, and other security protocols.


In Mr. Rattan Keswani’s world, no event escapes the touch of his hospitality magic. From hosting brainy bashes like GHC to rocking #ETTravelTourism Conclave, he doesn’t just attend or host events; he transforms them into unforgettable experiences. Stay tuned for updates on his activities; he’s the hospitality superhero making every event a Keswani celebration!